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  • Persian rugs are one of the most effective and fundamental components that show the central theme of Persian Art and Culture. The development of the artistic rug has always been one of the most important manifestations for the Persian artists.Read More
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    When we talk about Persian rugs, the most common topic to fly out would be Persian rug cleaning and maintenance. Persian rugs are well known for their unique and intricate designs, thus making them a great floor piece for your home. These rugs are highly sought after for not only are they exquisitely beautiful, they are also hand-made.Read More
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    You don’t, normally, spend thousands of dollars on a piece of art, then walk all over it. Unless you are in the market for a Persian rug, that is.

    The Persian rug is one of the most effective and pivotal components that display the central theme of the Persian art and culture. Crafting of Persian rugs had always been one of the salient manifestations for the Persian artists. Delving deep into the issue and going back a several thousand years to the Bronze Age, it can be easily understood that rugs that were crafted during that period used to provide an aesthetic and magnificent flavor of royalty.

    The Persian rugs of the present times have changed a lot. Yet the inspirational flavor of the classical royalty can still be found with some aesthetic blend of modern artistic concept. So, whether you are looking forward to buying Persian tribal runners or oversized Persian rugs, it is assured that your abode will be filled with mystery, beauty, and classiness.

    Decorating a room or any empty space with an exquisitely designed Persian rug is the primary objective of most people. In fact, the kind of artistic flavor Persian rugs provide to a room or a place is often what attracts people to buy them in the first place.

    So, if you wish to own some beautifully crafted Persian rugs, then browse through our website and select from the vast assortment of designs and sizes!

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    Rugs and carpets possess this unique combination of functionality and style that make them an ideal add-on to any interior space. With their multitude of traditional patterns and intriguing color schemes, they turn out to be the ultimate eye-catching decor details or a form of artistic comfort, if you choose to see it that way.

    Tribal area rugs take the appeal of indoor rugs to another level altogether. Considering their indigenous nature in terms of their pattern, weave and overall appearance, they can become interesting conversation starters. But more importantly, they all have a deeply embedded story that is waiting to be told. Interestingly, you don’t always have to be familiar with the history in order to appreciate the beauty of the tribal rugs. The mere interest that they create and the visual impressions that they make are sometimes sufficient to serve as the ideal points of attraction.

    You can find a variety of tribal elements at our store which offers many discount rugs in Charlotte. Depending on the area the rugs hail from and the ways in which their patterns are composed, they can be well coordinated with the ambiance and appearance of your interiors. Besides, you would get to flaunt the true symbols of global cultures.

    So, go ahead and browse through the site to find a perfect center of attraction for your home.

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    Persian, Oriental, Turkish or modern, handmade rugs and carpets always have a story to tell. Machine made carpets are produced in factories, in bulk. There is a software at work in order to achieve greater profits. However, things are totally different in case of handmade carpets.Read More
  • Abrash is basically a term used to express the color variations in hand knotted oriental rugs, specially the ones weaved under tribal or nomadic settings. The hand spun wool possesses fibers that vary in diameter naturally. As a result different fibers absorb dyes to a different extent and the overall colors differ slightly. This difference becomes more visible when all natural dyes are used. Due to the natural dyes, the dye lots vary and are never similar to each other.

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