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Persian Rugs
Hand Knotted, 100% Authentic
Produced in Iran
and surrounding areas
Oriental style rugs
Bring a fresh look to any space
Modern Area Rugs
Contemporary look and feel
All Sizes
In Stock
Up to 70% Off Limited Time

There is nothing better than a fine piece of an area rug to beautify your living space. A rug is always more than just the looks. It feels amazing on the feet and adds a royal touch to your home. At Admin-Rugs, we believe in giving you variety that could satiate your desire to embellish your homes with unique area rugs. With over 1000 rugs in stock, we offer tremendous saving with our wholesale prices, free shipping and 30 days free return.

Our wide array of area rugs is filled with options from all parts of the world, covering all time-periods, traditional and modern. Be it the king of the rugs, ‘Persian Rugs’ or the ‘Antique Rugs’, the variety is vast and based on the quality we possess, one could easily say that ours is the best place to buy area rugs.

If you’re looking for Iranian handmade rugs, we offer you a large collection of Persian rugs that are hand-made to retain the classic touch they are renowned for. From the lands of Persian, modern day Iran, these rugs add a rich, luxurious look to your home.

Even though Persian rugs are the most preferred segment for people with a royal taste, it doesn’t end here. Other types of rugs in the list such as vintage rugs, Hamadan rugs, Shiraz rugs, Tabriz rugs, and antique oriental rugs for sale are available in our latest collection at surprisingly low prices.

All the rugs, in each segment, are a masterpiece and represent a unique class and meaning. If you’re wondering where to buy area rugs, we offer you cheap rugs for sale. Depending upon what suits your style, you can choose from our collection to spruce up your interiors with uncommon yet affordable area rugs in Charlotte. Our customer service are available 24/7 to assist you with your purchase. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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  • Обычная цена: 1 657,00 $

    Special Price 779,00 $

    Stunning Antique Was...

    Stunning Antique Washed Muted Kashan 9ʹ4X12ʹ8
  • Обычная цена: 179,00 $

    Special Price 85,00 $

    Beautiful Small Size...

    Beautiful Small Size Tribal Red Turkoman 2X4ʹ5
  • Обычная цена: 2 699,00 $

    Special Price 1 269,00 $

    Excellent Allover De...

    Excellent Allover Design Handmade Kashan 10X14
  • Обычная цена: 299,00 $

    Special Price 141,00 $

    Small Entrance Triba...

    Small Entrance Tribal Mussel Hamedan 2ʹ6X4
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